We believe that all parents should have the opportunity to have quality time as a couple. Through our agency we provide Date Nights to our foster families. These nights are held at various times and locations, typically at partner church campuses. Parents are encouraged to leave their foster and biological children for a short break to spend time together.


The Toolbox is a dad’s support service. Foster dads are able to come to specialized events (i.e. dinners, zip lining, retreats, etc.) and trainings to acquire extra “tools” while hanging out with other foster dads.


The Clothesline is a support group for moms facilitated by our Family Support Counselor. Foster moms are able to come “hang out” and connect with one another while building lasting relationships with other women going through similar experiences. Specialized events are also offered throughout the year (retreats, dinners, etc.).


Camp Rock offers a clothes closet called “the Boutique” for our foster families free of charge. Children’s clothing, diapers, baby items, furniture, toys, etc. are available.