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What does Camp Rock Believe?

Our Philosophy

At Camp Rock, we believe that it is best for a family to foster with a community of support. Therefore, we seek to recruit families who are connected to a local church.  As an agency, we will then provide ongoing support, encouragement and communication within these family units as they develop a stable environment for the care of foster children.  We believe that this partnership will produce long-term foster families to partner with DFCS.

Our Mission

To recruit, train, encourage, and support foster families by guiding them through the fostering process. We will continue to walk with them through the process of reuniting the child with their biological family or, when the state requires, help that child find a forever home through adoption.

Our Vision

To provide temporary homes for Georgia’s foster children and to create parent partnerships through local churches and organizations.  We will partner with these organizations to offer services for both foster children and their parents.  Our desire is to help families reunite whenever possible.


Faith (Proverbs 3:5-6) – We will do everything in reliance on God and for His purposes and His glory. We will ensure that we conduct ourselves in a Christ-like manner in all that we do, seeking to share His love with those we serve.

Excellence (Colossians 3:23-24) – We will do everything with excellence and give our best in our work and service to others. We will hold one another accountable to this standard.

Honor (John 13:34) – We will respect everyone we serve, their cultures, differences, and experiences as unique and essential to who they are. We will treat everyone as a unique person created in the image of Christ.

Care (Isaiah 61:1) – We will care for each person we serve based on their unique experiences and incorporate the best forms of informed care available.